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I-TOP Industry Limited was established in 2009 in Jiangmen ,Guandong,China,which is a profeesional designand development manufacturer for coffee accessories.

What's more,our R&D team is made of 100 professional workers and 20 experienced researchers so that we can provide satisfactory products for customers.
How we got our start
We are eager to find new coffee appliances to enable more people to enjoy a standard cup of coffee .We are dedicated to the research and production of all kinds of espresso machine accessories, which include but are not limited to coffee tamper, espresso portafilter and so on. We are also involved in coffee maker set.
We control the Material as a high quality standard. That can ensure the consistency of the product.
Our engineer knows all the spare parts quality. And our QC team is a very strictly team.
Our sales team can recommend suitable products for different customers from different counties.


V60 pour over kit

Manual Burr Coffee Grinder

Stovetop espresso maker

Milk Frothing Pitcher

Espresso Barista Tools

Manual Burr Coffee Grinder
Adjustment manual burr coffee grinder, it can be made of stainless steel 304, with a ceramic burr. It provides a uniform precise grinding, avoids over heating of the coffee beans, maintains the flavor of coffee to a great extent. Unique upgraded connecting construction, it can well avoid the inner grinder-mounting part roating when grinding.
Adjustment manual burr coffee grinder, it can be also made of the non-slip aluminum alloy full body, with a durable and stable SUS420 Burr. Double bearing fixed design and 38 mm conical burr make coffee bean grinding more careful and ensure long-term and efficient grinding. From the start point: Italian Coffee:6-12 clicks, Pourover Coffee:15-22 clicks, French Press:23-24 clicks.
High-precision CNC stainless steel core can be in pentagon, hexagon and heptagon core shape, making the coffee beans with the smooth operation of the grinding mechanism, you can grind enough coffee for your family within one minute. Manual burr coffee grinder can be made of silver stainless steel and even of titanium.
By our I TOP coffee grinder, you can easily grind the desired roughness from fine to coarse by simply turning the grind knob. You can Brew for Aeropress, Drip Coffee, Espresso, French Press, Cold Brew, Chemex, V60, Percolator, Turkish, and more. Providing an incredibly consistent grind for a variety of brews. With a portable size, the manual burr coffee grinder is convenient to use. You can carry it to your office or take it when travelling camping or doing other outdoor activities. Enjoy a cup of delicious coffee anywhere.
Milk Frothing Pitcher
Why does a good tasty cappuccino can’t leave a milk frothing pitcher alone?

1.  Comfy and handy milk frothing jug is used to collect the foamy milk from your espresso machine before being pouring into a ready cup of espresso.
2.  Protruded spout helps you well control the frothed milk flow while you’re making any fancy pattern on your espresso coffee , latte and Italian coffee.
3.  Visible measurement make you realize how much frothed milk you put into your espresso coffee.
Model :IP-MC2001
 Durable food-grade 304 stainless steel with corrosion resistance function. With beautiful and fashionable shape, it is also a beautiful decoration and an ideal gift
 Multiple capacities and multiple uses. It is not only a great tool for coffee lovers, but also a good helper in daily life to measure milk, water, etc. Available in 350ml and 600ml to meet different needs
 Protruding spout. This excellent design can effectively prevent the accidental outflow of milk from the jug without affecting the normal use.
Auto temperature display. When the frothed milk in the jug is at different temperatures, the color of the special area with scales on the outside of the jug will change accordingly. Every bit of temperature change is under your control.
Model :IT
 High-end 304 stainless steel, rust protection, corrosion protection and food stainless steel materials produce no chemicals.
 With heavy stainless steel 1.0mm thickness that ensures a long service life. The materials are not only durable, but also safe.
 The special drip- spout design means no dribble and perfect latter art. With heat-resistant and welded sturdy handle, easy to pour.
 The round stainless steel base makes it easy to wash without hiding stains.
The cup is perfect for frothing milk for lattes, chocolate and coffee, as well as for water fed and other pourable products, whether hot or cold.
Model :IP-MC2001
 Eagle-shape spout help you conveniently make beautiful cappuccino
 Our one-handed ergonomic laser-welding handle fits your hand perfectly.
 Made of stainless steel with a polished mirror finish inside and out, it's easy to clean, durable and dishwasher safe.
 Shiny rainbow electrolysis plating decorate your full set coffee equipment.And safe to dishwasher.
V60 pour over kit
I-Top's coffee pour-over kit provides everything you need to brew up to four perfect cups of coffee, all in a hard self bag for camping or travel. It's the ideal gift for your favorite coffee lover or yourself!
 1pcs high quality stainless steel gooseneck kettle with leather
 1pcs 250ml borosilicate glass mug cup
 1pcs V01 borosilicate glass coffee dripper
 1pcs Stainless steel coffee grinder with fashionable wooden knob
 1pcs Accurate Electronic Scale
 1pcs coffee filter paper
 1pcs coffee measuring spoon
Model :IT-CS1005
 Original puree filter paper imported from Japan, safe and strong material, no peculiar smell.
 Thickened raw pulp, pressed process, without adding binders and bleaching agents.
 Gooseneck design, stable and 90° straight down small water flow.
 Concave texture design, filter paper and filter dipper fit perfectly,More even flow rate.Thicker handle for better insulation.V-shaped spout, the water is smooth and concentrated.
 Adjustable grinder, consistent and smooth grinding, precise coarseness.Resistant to Heat to Cold.Selected Healthy Material V60 pour over kit-Ungraded portable gift box,which is a great gift for friends and family.
 V60 pour over kit-Save your heart and convenient.Every time you travel, you only need to find this bag from the cabinet, you can easily carry the bag out.Every time you travel, you find the V60 pour over kit from the cabinet,say goodbye to tidying.

V60 pour over kit- even a greenhand easily become a professional coffee lover step by step.
Espresso Barista Tools
What makes you wake up energetically daily? An alarm? A bird twitter? Or a meal of delicious breakfast?
To me, it must be a cup of mellow coffee. How do I brew the coffee perfectly? The essential part of it must be the fresh coffee beans. Secondly the espresso barista tools are which you can’t leave out. What are the barista tools we must have? WDT tools, coffee distributor, coffee distributor, tamper mat, coffee knock box...

If you wanna extract your coffee fully in espresso maker, WDT tools is a necessary helper. Gently stirring the slim needles can technically redistribute your coffee grinds and beak up the clumps of the coffee grinds. Then coffee distributor and tamper to level and solidify the coffee grinds so that you will get the high extraction and more flavour out of your coffee. Here are some of espresso barista tools i introduced. If you need more stuffs, why don’t come to us?
Model :IT-CO2002
 51, 53 and 58mm Coffee Distributor: It fits all Portafilters baskets including Sage Barista Express, Barista Pro, Barista Touch, Bambino Plus, Duo-Temp Pro, Infuser and more.
 Consistent Distribution Tool: The coffee leveler tool is very sturdy and it distribute the coffee evenly before tamping and you will get a perfect espresso.
 Adjustable Depth: The black plastic rings can be rotated and the metal core basically extends out, if you want a tighter compression.
Material: 304 stainless steel base, solid metal, weighty construction. You never worry about corrosion issue.
Model :IT-NS1003
 Premium Quality, Fully Assembled - needles are made of the highest quality 304 aluminium steel to deliver expert performance whilst being specifically designed to withstand stains and rust.
 Customizable Formation, Perfect 0.4mm Width Needles - we know what makes the perfect espresso distribution tool. Our expert barista always uses 0.4mm needles for the perfect coffee - perfectly thin to glide through the coffee grounds and remove clumps to ensure an even extraction. We also recognize that some coffee lovers may have a preferred needle formation so we designed this WDT in a way which mean you can remove and place the needles in the formation you want!
 16 Needles Included - As baristas and coffee lovers, we know that sooner or later you may well drop or lose some needles. This is why we've included 8 spare needles - a total of 16 needles, more than anyone on the market!
Safety Stand and Removable Catch Tray - This WDT tool has been designed with safety and convenience in mind. Not only will the stand look great in your kitchen, it also covers the needles to avoid accidents and catches any ground coffee in its removable base
Model :IT-CT1004
 Smooth surface and easy to clean.
 Self-adjustable spring structure, help you calibrate the tamper pressure.
 Material: Made of solid aluminum alloy with chrome plated, non-rust nor corrosive.
 Uitable for tamping fresh ground espresso before brewing,The smooth bottom to squeeze the coffee powder evenly and effortlessly, making it easy to hold.
There are 51/53/58 and 58.5mm, please confirm the size of the portable filter before purchasing.


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